Map #BREWERYBeer Origin State Decription
1 10 Barrel Apocalypse Bend OR A Northwest American-Style IPA. The color comes through as a deep gold with orange hues. Fruity and citrusy hop aroma shines, with hints of pine resin. The four hop flavor dominates, re-enforcing the aroma with more citrus, fruity and piney notes. The malt character is clean and smooth with a unique toasted flavor (thanks to the generous helping of Victory malt), all held together by a firm bitterness. Apocalypse has a medium-bodied mouth feel, finishing crisp and dry. All of this results in a very drinkable IPA. ABV 6.80%
1 10 Barrel Pray for Snow Bend OR 8 different specialty malts were used to deliver a complex and thought provoking malt blanket. To complement this we used a combination of herbal, spicy, and citrus hops to keep this beer in balance. All this was wrapped together with several months in Brandy barrels, adding nuances of oak, vanilla, and candied fruit. ABV 7.1%
1 Abita Bourbon st. Chocolate Stout Covington LA Aged for 8 weeks to absorb all of the flavors from the barrels. The result is a stout that brings out the roasted flavors from the malt and the warming toasted, vanilla, and bourbon flavors. ABV 10.0%
1 Abita Peach Covington LA Fresh Louisiana peaches are handpicked for this smooth lager. Pale malt gives the beer a sweet, crisp taste, with abundant amounts of ripe, juicy peaches added in the brewhouse to capture the flavors and aromas of real, fresh fruit. All our Harvest Series brews are made with the finest Louisiana-grown ingredients. ABV 4.5%
13 Anchor Anchor Steam San Francisco CA Anchor Steam Beer owes its deep amber color, thick, creamy head, and rich, distinctive flavor to a historic brewing process like none other. ABV 4.9%
13 Anchor Anchor Winter Wheat San Francisco CA Smooth, complex, dark brew with a creamy, lacey head; deep, rich mouthfeel; nutty, bread-like, and subtly roasted flavors; and a crisp, clean finish. ABV 7.0%
14 Angry Orchard Crisp Walden NY Angry Orchard Crisp Apple has a bright, crisp apple flavor, just like biting into a fresh apple. It is a perfect balance of sweetness and bright acidity from culinary apples and dryness of traditional cider making apples, resulting in a complex, yet refreshing, hard cider. ABV 5.0%
14 Angry Orchard Old Fashioned Walden NY The Old Fashioned is made with a blend of American apples and is aged on oak with dried tart cherries, California grown navel orange peel, and charred bourbon barrel staves, offering citrus and cherry aromas with a bright apple flavor and slight vanilla notes. It has lasting tannins and a full, round mouthfeel. ABV 6.5%
13 Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin Long Beach CA Our Pineapple Sculpin IPA came from one of many small-batch cask experiments to enhance the flavor of our signature IPA. The combination of fruity flavors and hop intensity definitely packs a punch.
13 Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado Long Beach CA Mash, kettle, and dry hopping blend to create a huge hop profile that is balanced with a blast of watermelon. ABV 10.0%
12 Big Sky Ivan the Terrible Missoula MT The aroma and flavor balance well between esters of dried fruit and roasted cocoa with a slight bourbon presence. ABV 10.0%
12 Big Sky Moose Drool Missoula MT A premiere brown ale that have an additional four hops consisting of a combination of east kent goldings' liberty and willamette. ABV 5.1%
12 Bigoud Cidre Demi - Sec Plovan France ABV 4.0%
12 Bigoud Cidre Doux Plovan France Pours a dark orange, aroma of fresh-pressed apples, taste is sweet, slightly syrupy with a touch of honey and slightly dry finish. ABV 6.0%
11 Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout Golden CO The fresh coffee aroma and rich roasted taste of our limited-release Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout is the perfect way to unwind and catch up with friends this winter. ABV 5.9%
11 Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Golden CO Our cinnamon-spiced ale is his interpretation of this delicious Latin beverage. It’s brewed with natural long-grain rice for a creamy texture to complement flavors of cinnamon, making it the perfect treat for a get-together with friends. ABV 5.5%
23 Bonterra Organically Grown Chardonnay Mendocino CA An initial impression of rich, buttery cream quickly turns to aromas of honey and lightly toasted almonds, followed by tropical aromas of pineapple, citrusy lemon and crème brulee. The wine is refreshing on the palate, with a minerality that is both bright and clean, drawing you into a vibrant tartness and lemon zest that is absolutely, positively Bonterra Chardonnay, vintage after vintage.
9 Boulevard Cran Orange Radler Kansas City MO Beautifully hazy and slightly pink in color, Cranberry Orange Radler will open with an aroma of sweet blood oranges and just a hint of cranberry. The blood orange character boldly manifests in the flavor giving way to cranberry tartness. The base beer, Unfiltered Wheat Beer, contributes a slightly sweet bready flavor to the malt profile of the beer that shines with bright citrus flavor and a touch of acidity. Cranberry Orange Radler clocks in at 4.05% ABV
9 Boulevard Nutcracker Kansas City MO Nutcracker Ale is Boulevard’s holiday gift for real beer lovers. This hearty, warming brew is a classic winter ale, deep amber in color, with hints of molasses balanced by the “spiciness” of freshly harvested Chinook hops. ABV 7.8%
9 Boulevard Tank 7 Kansas City MO Beginning with a big surge of fruity aromatics and grapefruit-hoppy notes, the flavor of this complex, straw-colored ale tapers off to a peppery, dry finish. ABV 8.5%
11 Breckenridge Mango Mosaic Littleton CO Mosaic hops naturally give off aromas of guava and mango, lending a unique sweetness to the hop character of this pale ale. To build upon the tropical attributes of the hops, we've added a healthy dose of mango. Mango Mosaic Pale Ale is a well-balanced montage of fruit flavors, fresh aromas, and refreshingly crisp goodness. ABV 5.5%
11 Breckenridge Nitro Vanilla Porter Cans Littleton CO The 16-oz can presents the ability to experience silky, smooth nitrogen-charged beer outside of the pub, even taking that experience to the great outdoors. ABV 5.4%
2 Bud Lt Cherry-ahh-Rita St. Louis MO """A refreshing, easy-to-drink margarita flavor blended from Bud Light Lime and additional ingredients. Best served over ice in a traditional margarita glass, or chilled in their own sleek, glass bottle. ABV 8.0%"""
2 Bud Lt Lime-a-Rita St. Louis MO "A refreshing, easy-to-drink margarita flavor blended from Bud Light Lime and additional ingredients. Best served over ice in a traditional margarita glass, or chilled in their own sleek, glass bottle. 8.0%"
2 Bud Lt Mango-o-Rita St. Louis MO """A refreshing, easy-to-drink margarita flavor blended from Bud Light Lime and additional ingredients. Best served over ice in a traditional margarita glass, or chilled in their own sleek, glass bottle. ABV 8.0%"""
2 Bud Lt Raz-Ber-Rita St. Louis MO "A refreshing, easy-to-drink margarita flavor blended from Bud Light Lime and additional ingredients. Best served over ice in a traditional margarita glass, or chilled in their own sleek, glass bottle. ABV 8.0%"
2 Bud Lt Staw-Ber-Rita St. Louis MO "A refreshing, easy-to-drink margarita flavor blended from Bud Light Lime and additional ingredients. Best served over ice in a traditional margarita glass, or chilled in their own sleek, glass bottle. ABV 8.0%"
23 Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon Napa CA Big and bold in style, Carnivor Cabernet offers intense, dark fruit aromas and deep, inky color. A plush, velvety mouthfeel frames rich flavors of dark berries, coffee, mocha and toasted oak, all backed by a distinctive smoothness and a lingering, silky finish.
18 Charleville Late Night Karate Kicks Genevieve MO Late Night Karate Kicks is made with Highlander Grog coffee roasted by St. Louis’ own Chauvin Coffee Co. Not just for breakfast, Late Night Karate Kicks is black as night with a coffee kick that will keep you rocking all night long! ABV 6.3%
18 Charleville Strawberry Blonde Genevieve MO This Sexy Blonde Ale would not be complete without the seductive essence of strawberries. Balanced and Refreshing, this Blonde is sure to Please!! ABV 4.5%
10 Chouffe Houblon Chouffe Houffalize Belgium t is an ‘Indian Pale ale’ type of beer, with a harmonious balance between a marked bitterness (three types of hops are used to make it) and a pleasant fruitiness. ABV 9.0%
10 Chouffe La Chouffe Houffalize Belgium CHOUFFE is an unfiltered blond beer which is refermented both in the bottle and in barrels. It is pleasantly fruity, spiced with coriander and tinged with hops. ABV 8.0%
15 Coney Island Orange Cream Ale Coney Island NY Coney Island Hard Orange Cream Ale is an amalgamation of orange, vanilla and spice inspired by the deliciously unexpected concoctions you only find on the boardwalk. ABV 5.0%
15 Coney Island Root Beer Coney Island NY Coney Island Hard Root Beer is a new twist on an old favorite. With hints of vanilla, licorice, and birch, this root beer will bring you back to the boardwalk. ABV5.8%
3 COOP DNR Oklahoma City OK This Belgian-style dark ale is the culmination of central and western European malts, Noble hops, candy sugar and a traditional Trappist yeast. Notes of dried fruit, cinnamon and vanilla make DNR a very complex experience to be enjoyed in moderation. ABV 10.0%
3 COOP Horny Toad Oklahoma City OK Crisp and clean, Horny Toad is a premium blonde ale with a hint of Noble hop bitterness to balance the two-row and pilsner malt body. This refreshing libation is a great introduction to craft beer and COOP Ale Works. ABV 5.3%
18 Crane Brewing Beet Weisse Raytown MO The beer that made Michael Crane famous is an earthy, zinger that pairs great with food. Our Fall seasonal Berliner-style weiss combines a sour German wheat beer with an unlikely vegetable, and, frankly, they look really good together. 4.5%
18 Crane Brewing Tea Weisse Raytown MO A distinctly American take on an old-world German ale, Tea Weiss combines Kansas City’s own Hugo Berry Rooibos Tea with a spritzy, sour wheat beer to exceedingly refreshing effect. ABV 4.1%
17 Crispin Crispin Cider Colfax CA "Crispin Original is crisp and refreshing, with fruit-forward green apple flavor and a subtle citrus aroma. ABV 5.0% "
17 Crispin Crispin Pear Colfax CA Crispin Pacific Pear is elegant and bright, with intense fresh pear flavor and subtle woody complexity. ABV 4.5%
VIP Deschutes Black Butte XXVII Bend OR Our 27th Anniversary Imperial Porter was brewed with Theo Chocolate’s cocoa nibs, pomegranate molasses and select spices, blended with apricot puree, and then aged in bourbon barrels. The result is a truly exquisite ale with bold chocolate character, inspired flavors of fruit, and just a pinch of spice. ABV 11.6%
VIP Deschutes Black Butte XXVIII Bend OR Chocolate, vanilla, and light smoke flavors lead the way, followed up with a clean orange peel bitterness. ABV 11.5%
3 Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Bend OR This mouthwateringly delicious IPA gets its flavor from a heavy helping of Citra and Mosaic hops. Don't worry, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer. ABV 6.4%
3 Deschutes Hopzeit Bend OR This modern ale inspired by the time-honored flavors of a Märzenbier combines classic malts with the latest hop varietals from Germany to deliver an herbal and balanced Autumn IPA that’s as at home in your backyard as the biergarten. Celebrate the season by sharing with friends, and skip the lederhosen- your friends will thank you. ABV 7.0%
10 Duvel Duvel Puurs Belgium Duvel is a natural beer with a subtle bitterness, a refined flavour and a distinctive hop character. The unique brewing process, which takes about 90 days, guarantees a pure character, delicate effervescence and a pleasant sweet taste of alcohol. BV 8.5%
10 Duvel Duvel Triple Hop Puurs Belgium By using three instead of two hop varieties to brew, we obtain additional hop aromas and an increased bitterness. The typical Duvel palate is enriched with HBC 291 hops providing fresh notes of citrus, black pepper, lavender and roses. ABV 9.5%
4 Elysian Avatar Seattle WA Pours golden copper with a lively head. Avatar has a very floral nose while the taste is an elegant balance allowing the subtle flavor of jasmine to prevail while still delivering the I.P.A.’s essential hoppiness. ABV 6.3%
4 Elysian SpaceDust Seattle WA The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo. Hopes of Chinook, Citra and Amarillo. ABV 8.2%
VIP Founder’s Curmudgeon Grand Rapids MI Think classic seafaring ports, local pubs, and weathered old fishermen. This old ale is brewed with molasses and an insane focus on the malt bill, then oak-aged. The result is a strong, rich, malty delight that's deceptively smooth and drinkable. AVB 9.8%
17 Founders All Day IPA Grand Rapids MI An all-day IPA naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains and hops. Balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish. The perfect reward for an honest day’s work and the ultimate companion to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.
17 Founders Dirty Bastard Grand Rapids MI Dark ruby in color and brewed with seven varieties of imported malts. Complex in finish, with hints of smoke and peat, paired with a malty richness and a right hook of hop power to give it the bad attitude that a beer named Dirty Bastard has to live up to.
4 Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds Los Angeles CA Gold in color, this full-bodied IPA is a balanced showcase of the majestic hop specie, in Latin, Humulus Lupulus, which translates “Wolf Among Weeds”. At 8%, Wolf will sneak up on you from behind the dank earthy hop notes and subtle rye spice. ABV 8.0%
4 Golden Road Wolf Pup Los Angeles CA Hoppy and refreshing, Wolf Pup is our riff on a Session IPA. Highly drinkable with a wildly aromatic tropical and citrus character, it’s the perfect companion to keep on sippin’ for those long, sunny days. ABV 4.5%
5 Goose Island 1516 Chicago IL 1516 was brewed to honor the 500th anniversary of the Germany Beer Purity Law – Reinheitsgebot. We used traditional German brewing practices and processes as a gently smoked Bavarian Kellerbier, slightly hazy with bready malt and a clean finish. Well balanced and complex, the beer drinks well alone or with food. ABV 5.1%
5 Goose Island Matilda Chicago IL Golden sunrise color, baking spice aroma, fruity biscuity malt flavor, dry body. ABV 7.0%
5 Green Flash Sea to Sea Alpine CA Sea to Sea has a light body with subtle sweet malt and fruity hop flavors, notable lager yeast and a crisp, clean finish. ABV 4.0%
5 Green Flash Soul Style IPA Alpine CA Citra, Simcoe and Cascade hops are layered, allowing bright tropical waves of flavorful citrus and floral notes to break gently on the palate. ABV 6.8%
25 Guinness Blonde Dublin Ireland "Light and hoppy with floral and citrus notes, A complex and flavorful lager, hoppy and citrusy on the nose and a Lively mouthfeel, crisp and refreshing with a long malt biscuity finish. ABV 4.7% "
25 Guinness Draught Dublin Ireland "Sweet smelling with a coffee and malty nose with perfect balance of bitter and sweet with malt and roast characters. Smooth, creamy and balanced. ABV 4.2% "
25 Guinness Extra Stout Dublin Ireland Medium and balanced. A roast character with subtle fermentation fruitiness, A perfect rounded flavor of bitter and sweet. ABV 6.0%
25 Guinness Nitro IPA Dublin Ireland "Angy citrus peel over gentle pine notes with a balanced blend of hops and roasted barley with citrus accents.Smooth, creamy and rich with a pleasant bitter hoppy finish. ABV 5.8% "
19 Hofbrau Delicator München Germany Full-bodied with an alcoholic content of approximately 5.1% by volume, and offering a truly fine hops aroma, it is a superbly well-balanced lager ABV 7.5%
19 Hofbrau Original München Germany Full-bodied with an alcoholic content of approximately 5.1% by volume, and offering a truly fine hops aroma, it is a superbly well-balanced lager. ABV 5.1%
6 KC Bier Dunkel Kansas City MO "“Dunkel” means dark, and our Dunkel copies the traditional brown Munich lager that was the most widely drank beer in Bavaria at the turn of the 20th Century. Our Dunkel is a medium-bodied beer with a slightly sweet, toasted bread crust malt flavor and smooth finish accentuated with just enough noble hop bitterness to balance the malt. ABV 5.0% "
6 KC Bier Hefe Kansas City MO “Hefe” means yeast and “Weizen” means wheat. So, the name “Hefeweizen” describes an unfiltered wheat ale that still contains the yeast. KCBC’s version of the style is deep gold, with a spritzy effervescence, and rich bready malt back-ground. Hefeweizen’s smooth malt body,low bitterness and fruity esters make this beer truly refreshing. ABV 5.0%
6 Kona Big Wave Kona HI Big Wave is light golden ale with a subtle fruitiness and delicate hop aroma. A smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale. The lightly roasted honey malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer and also gives a slight sweetness that is balanced out by our special blend of hops. (ABV): 4.40%
6 Kona Pipeline Kona HI Pipeline Porter has a boost of flavor with a smooth style that makes it as awesome as the waves that inspired it. The dark chocolate color, rich roasted malt flavor and smooth coffee finish takes the edge off when the waves are high and the wind is blowing. Pipeline Porter’s pronounced roasted malt character and rich Kona coffee flavor and aroma will curl around your tongue like Hawaii’s famous Pipeline surf break itself! (ABV): 5.40%
23 Lagunitas Aunt Sally Petaluma CA It tastes like a big bowl of fruity candy or some chewable flavored vitamins, but what's the difference? It's sweet, tart, and sassy, just like the tasty cherry pie that your favorite aunt makes. ANV 5.7%
23 Lagunitas Pils Petaluma CA Brewed with loads of imported Saaz hops and a bottom-fermenting yeast strain that leaves it Light and Crisp and Easy to Slam, yet full of real flavor and all the things you yearn for. ABV 6.2%
19 Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Kiln MS Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale is the first beer in the world, to our knowledge, made with whole roasted pecans. The pecans are used just like grain and provide a nutty characteristic and a delightful depth to the flavor profile. This beer is very lightly hopped to allow the malty, caramel, and nutty flavors shine through. The color is dark mahogany. Southern Pecan won a Bronze Medal in the 2006 World Beer Cup in the Specialty Beer category. ABV 4.5%
19 Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast Kiln MS A spicy, full-bodied, rye pale ale balanced with a generous dose of zythos hops, it’s a recipe inspired by the complex and beautiful flavors of Mississippi and a reflection of the strength and spirit of our very own Timber Beast. Rye is a natural fit for the Imperial style. The nutty sweetness of this hearty grain perfectly balances the generous hop bite and brings you back for another sip.
24 Leinenkugel Bavarian Dunkel Chippewa Falls WI A dark, rich beer with with rich, complex ready notes and chocolate-like flavors. ABV 5.5%
24 Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat Chippewa Falls WI Our award-winning Belgian-style witbier, Leinenkugel's® Sunset Wheat will give you notes of orange and blueberry, and a tart, citrusy finish. ABV 4.9%
23 Malbec Crios Mendoza Argentina Crios Malbec has a beautiful reddish/purple color as most good Malbecs do. The aromas are a mix of freshly crushed black cherries and toasty/smoky oak—just enough to frame the exuberant fruit. On the palate, the flavors of cherries and spice are obvious, and the jammy fruit quality just keeps coming on strong, with hints of spice and sandalwood lurking in the background.
20 Martin City Abbey Kansas City MO Our Belgian Abbey pours a rich mahogany color with a slightly off white head. The aroma has a semi-sweet malt with cherry and pear notes from the Belgian malts and our house Belgian yeast strain. The taste also has plenty of cherry and chocolate with a hint of ripe apple. ABV 7.2%
VIP Martin City Apposite Kansas City MO Our American Wild Ale starts as a Belgian Pale Ale and pours a hazy golden with a tight crisp white head. The aroma is full of citrus, oak and a slight malt aroma. The taste has a slight malt sweetness followed by a round hop bitterness. A slight farmhouse character comes from the Brettanomyces and makes for a pleasant wild drinking experience. 100% barrel fermented. AVB 7.3%
20 Martin City Blonde Kansas City MO Light in color only, this beer uses a blend of rye malt and Saaz hops to give it some spicy notes and dry hopped to give it a delicate floral and spicy aroma. The Belgian yeast brings all of the flavors together for a wonderful finish that doesn't linger on the palate very long. A perfect springtime beer! ABV 7.0%
20 Mother's Lil Helper Springfield MO Mother’s India Pale Ale is aggressively hopped in both the wort kettle and aging vessel for a sharp, clean bitterness and fragrant citrus hop flavors. We've instilled a mellow malt character as the backbone to balance the elevated alcohol and hop levels IPA lovers crave. Whether you're an IPA loyalist or just sampling, you've found yourself a great beer. ABV 7.0%
20 Mother's Raspberry TBM Springfield MO Raspberry meets Imperial Three Blind Mice for a fruity, sweet, slightly tart, and incredibly indulgent treat. ABV 9.9%
7 Nebraska Brunette Nut Brown Papillion NE Our version of the classic English-style Brown Ale has a blend of six different malts and a hop schedule that results in a low hop character. The unique malt character brings to mind the taste of a blend of various nuts. ABV 4.80%
7 Nebraska Cardinal Pale Ale Papillion NE Our Pale Ale is deep golden in color and characterized by a floral/citrus-like aroma, with medium maltiness and low bitterness. ABV 5.75%
7 Nebraska EOS Hefeweizen Papillion NE This medium to full-bodied beer, pale to amber in color, is most accurately described as a Bavarian wheat beer. The aroma and flavor of this unfiltered beer is decidedly fruity and phenolic — a big word for a brew that tastes like cloves, nutmeg or sometimes vanilla with banana-like esters. ABV 5.20%
7 Nebraska Wick For Brains Papillion NE Wick for Brains is our classic and painstakingly produced Fall Pumpkin Ale. Instead of simply using spice, we use real pumpkin which lends a sweetness and pumpkin flavor not found in many Pumpkin Ales. Wonderful pumpkin pie spice intertwined in an Amber Ale creates a pumpkin sensation which is elegantly crafted. ABV 6.1%
8 New Belgium Accumulation Fort Collins CO This winter, IBUs start accumulating like snow in Colorado with our new Accumulation White IPA. Brewing a white IPA was not only a way to salute the white beauty falling from the sky, but a direct revolt to the longstanding tradition of brewing dark beers for winter. At least that’s what our rebellious brewer Grady Hull likes to claim as he shovels in plenty of new hop varietals and a bit of wheat for a smooth mouthfeel. Stack up a few cases of Accumulation White IPA to keep your long nights glowing blizzard white. (ABV): 6.20%
8 New Belgium Fat Tire Fort Collins CO Named in honor of our co-founder's bike trip through Europe, Fat Tire Amber Ale marks a turning point in the young electrical engineer's home brewing. Belgian beers use a far broader palette of ingredients (fruits, spices, esoteric yeast strains) than German or English styles. Together with co-founder Kim Jordan, they traveled around sampling their homebrews to the public. Fat Tire won fans with its sense of balance: toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness ABV 5.2%
8 O'Fallon Pumpkin Maryland Heights MO Like pumpkin pie in a bottle…we add 120 pounds of real pumpkin to the three-barley mash and then season the finished beer with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. 5.6% ABV
8 O'Fallon Wheach Maryland Heights MO Imagine our smooth, clean wheat beer with a touch of peach and you get the idea behind O’Fallon Wheach, our peach wheat beer. Light, refreshing and crisp, it’s perfect for any occasion! 5.1% ABV
9 Ommegang Grains of Truth Cooperstown NY Brewed with barley, wheat, oats & rye. This seasonal release celebrates “the richness of the grain harvest. ABV 5.8%
9 Ommegang Rosetta Cooperstown NY Ale aged on cherries. Traditional Belgian Kriek, pleasingly tart with a touch of sweetness. ABV 5.6%
21 River North Avarice Denver CO Belgian Imperial Stout ABV 9.3%
21 River North Hoppenberg Denver CO Belgian-Style Double IPA ABV 9.0%
VIP Sam Adam’s Kosmic Mother Funk Boston MA Kosmic Mother Funk is a one-of-a-kind Belgian ale fermented with multiple micro-organisms including Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and other wild critters found in the environment of our 150 year old brewery. KMF is aged in large oak barrels which impart unique flavors into the KMF as it develops its flavors for over a year. Wild yeast and different bacteria in the tuns impart unique spicy, fruity, and bright tart characters to the beer. 6.4 AVB
16 Sam Adams Boston Lager Boston MA Our original beer is full-flavored with a balance of malty sweetness contrasted by hop spiciness and a smooth finish. ABV 4.9%
16 Sam Adams Winter Lager Boston MA Samuel Adams Winter Lager is a dark wheat bock. Bock beers are traditionally strong dark lagers. ABV 5.6%
21 Santa Fe Freestyle Pilsner Santa Fe NM The assertively hopped Freestyle pils exudes the flavor and the aroma of the classic Saaz hop (a tribute to “the original” pilsner), while maintaining enough body to balance but not overpower this hop’s pleasant, spicy tone. An unhurried lagering process makes this beer a light, clean, and quenching beer. ABV 5.5%
21 Santa Fe Happy Camper Santa Fe NM Happy Camper IPA is a classic beer for those beer lovers who love their hops. By masterfully combining several different hops with a very specific brewing process, we ended up with a beautifully balanced IPA. Full-bodied maltiness combined with a spicy, citrus, and floral hop character, make this IPA one of our most popular beers. ABV 6.6%
2 Shock Top Belgium White St. Louis MO Shock Top Belgian White is brewed with malted wheat, orange, lemon and lime peels and coriander. The uniquely crafted and award-winning ale is unfiltered to create a brew that is naturally cloudy with a light golden color and refreshing finish. ABV 5.2%
2 Shock Top Ginger Wheat St. Louis MO This is Ginger Wheat from Shock Top Brewing. This limited edition beer is a Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with citrus peel, ginger and honey. ABV 5.2%
22 Small Town NYF Ginger Ale Chicago Il The new ginger ale has “a high intensity of ginger and lemon, a tinge of black currant, and a light sweetened flavor with woody attributes.” ABV 5.9%
22 Small Town NYF Root Beer Chicago Il Blends hints of sarsaparilla, wintergreen, anise, and vanilla. A smooth and balanced Ale, NYFRB has broad appeal – from discerning craft beer drinkers to non-beer drinkers.ABV 5.9%
22 Stiegl Pils Salzburg Austria Enjoyment of first-rate beer with a pleasant hoppy character. Straw-colored and warm amber glow, pleasantly sparkling with a dry body. Using the aromatic hops from the Mühlviertel region, it entices you with a bouquet of fresh hops and a distinctive bitter finish. ABV 4.9%
22 Stiegl Radler Salzburg Austria Austria- Radler/Shandy- Pours a light & cloudy pale-yellow color. The aroma is full of citrus fruit, (luscious lemon & grapefruit), and sweet caramel malts. ABV 2.5%
7 Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Manhattan KS What we really like about this beer is the smoothness that brewing with cream sugar brings to the palate. This smoothness balances out the copious quantities of roasted barley used in the brewing process to create a rich, complex, and delicious beer. If you have not been a stout drinker in the past, give this beer a try. It might just change your mind about how dark beers should taste. It tastes so rich, but is surprisingly easy to drink! ABV 5.0%
7 Tallgrass Zombie Monkey Manhattan KS Zombie Monkie is a dark, rich porter, carefully brewed for the post-apocalyptic world to come. Crafted with lots of roasty dark chocolate and specialty malts, then inoculated with enough hops to add a floral/citrus character in the finish. It’s hardy, complex, and interesting, because you might be drinking it for a long time. ABV 6.2%
16 Traveler Beer Co Grapefruit Traveler Burlington VT Traveler Grapefruit Shandy is a deceptively delicious wheat beer made with real grapefruit. It delivers a bright and satisfying citrus aroma and flavor, then quickly disappears. ABV 4.4%
16 Traveler Beer Co Jolly Traveler Burlington VT Jolly Traveler is a cheerful winter beer inspired by the senses of the season. A wheat beer made with real orange, pomegranate and holiday spices, this Traveler is a refreshing libation for the season of festivity. ABV 4.4%
15 Truly Truly Colima Lime Boston MA Truly Spiked & Sparkling™ Colima Lime has a slight tartness with a crisp but subtle sweetness. ABV 5.0%
15 Truly Truly Grapefruit Boston MA Truly Spiked & Sparkling™ Grapefruit & Pomelo has a sweet, fresh aroma with slightly sweet and tangy notes.ABV 5.0%
14 Twisted Tea Bourbon Barrel Cincinnati OH Bootleggers, fast cars, and late night parties are just a few of the reasons we loved the flavor of American whiskey. Real iced tea flavors blend just right with oak and vanilla. ABV 5.0%
14 Twisted Tea Twisted Tea Cincinnati OH Our fans love Twisted Tea Original true iced tea taste. They also love fast cars, loud music, liberty and justice, and really big BBQ grills. For a refreshing and smooth taste, we use select tea and natural lemon flavor. It’s delicious. It’s a little twisted.ABV 5.0%
VIP Virtue The Mitten Fennville MI "This Michigan cider is a blend of last season's pressed apples, aged in Bourbon barrels for up to one year, then back sweetened with this year's fresh pressed apple juice. The Mitten has notes of vanilla, caramel, and charred oak. ABV 6.8%"
Brands subject to change. Some selections may run out before others.